Toine Yoga

@ West End Yoga Centre

9 Browning St. West End


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Iyengar Yoga Brisbane. Classes and Workshops

3 Hours Iyengar Yoga Workshop


Beginner Special

With  Antoine David


West End Yoga Center

19th November 2016

11:30am to 2:30pm


$40 early bird $50 there after


Early birds until 12th November

0488 288 616

How to get there

To access West End Yoga Centre is in Boundary Street, West End. Enter through the car park at the back via the ramp. The entrance of the studio is from the back at the car park level. Use the link Google Maps from your address to find how to come to the class.

What is Yoga ?

Yoga is not only an art, but also a science and a philosophy.

Yoga gives a guidance for the art of being, guidance to live life, and a way to increase quality and value of life of those who establish regular practice.

Yoga practice helps to acquire good habits, which result in a better life.

Yoga science deals with health, strength, grace, and of the conquest of both body and mind.

Yoga philosophy equips the practitioner with tools to deal with life’s difficulties.

Yoga practice transforms the confused and incoherent parts of the mind into clarity and coherence.

Yoga is a practical subject. It is a direct experience rather than a subject to talk about. Come and experience ! .

Breath of the gods

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Yoga News

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Iyengar Yoga association

Australian Iyengar Yoga association. Link to Iyengar Australia


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