The Iyengar Method

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar Yoga practice is deeply rooted on deep practice of asana, and progressively onto practice of pranayama: The yogic breathing.

Asana practice brings strength and suppleness.

Asana practice particularly release back aches, help with the good functioning of all organs, improve digestion and blood flow.

Pranayama is the art to lengthen and control the breath.

It is increasing vitality, balances the mind and improves concentration.

Grace, beauty and firmness

Body is free from tensions by the practice

Deep and regular breathing becomes possible;

Uniting body and mind,

the practitioner learns the art of observing oneself,

he develops intelligence and improves his sense of perception.

For an in depth explanation of the practice, check out  Iyengar official Website