Who is BKS Iyengar?

bks1You may have the question: Who is BKS Iyengar?

BKS Iyengar has devoted over 70 years to the practice and teaching of yoga.

His books are translated into most languages and are considered reference material by all yoga practitioner.

Yoga Master worldwide respected, his teaching is over all continents and Iyengar Yoga is the yoga selected to be taught as a subject in American Universities.

BKS Iyengar lives in Puna, India.

In October 2005 to the occasion of his first release of his 14th book ‘Light on Life’ he toured the USA where over 3000 gathered in New York to listen to his talk.

Both traditional and modern, his teaching proves that yoga can be practiced by women and men from all cultures and that this science over 3000 years old is a highly efficient answer to nowadays problems.